Welcome to the center channel marker between books and boats, two of my very favorite things. Here is the place to explore and discuss books, publishing, blog writing, sailing, and why so many of us are so drawn to the water.


The original blog Where Books Meet Boats (2009-2015) died unexpectedly when a poorly planned and executed update of WordPress damaged the database beyond repair. Though I will eventually republish all the posts, some of the photos are no longer available. And most sadly, I’ve lost all of your comments. (Thanks to the nice monkeys at Mailchimp, the subscriber’s list was saved.)

I thought long and hard about whether rebuilding was worth the effort, especially now that blogging is no longer as “cool” as it once was. I decided to continue because it’s such a luxury to be able to publish what I want whenever the urge strikes. Hopefully you will agree, comment, and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy!